Company Information

We know having access to a lot of information can help you make better decisions and choices. We have collected a lot of data that we know you will find useful as a senior Flight Attendant or as a new Flight Attendant. This information is also great for those looking at beginning a career as a Flight Attendant, compare your current airline to others, and many more uses.

Flight Attendant Pay

Airline Profiles

Our Airplane profiles cover essential facts about each airline, including information about fleets, flight attendant domiciles, union affiliation, pay scales, and other relevant data.

Flight Attendant Contracts

Collective Bargaining Agreements

We have the largest collections of Flight Attendant collective bargaining agreements (contracts) available for you to reference and review.

Flight Attendant Compensation and Extra Pay

Compensation and Extras

Knowing how much you can make or how much others in the industry make can be a game-changer. We have collected the flight attendant pay scales from every airline in the united states.

Airline Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets

Having all the facts is excellent, and that is why we have put together a fantastic selection of information for your review. Each sheet includes training information, base information, and job requirements, pay and other great relevant information.

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